What do you charge for web design services?

Prices depend on many variants but you can be sure you are getting a great value for your design project, which is why we prefer for you to complete the questionnaire listed on the request page. That ensures that we do not charge for things that are not needed. However, if you have small changes to a pre-existing site (that we created), that takes 5min for a quick update, we will not charge for the quick change. You won’t find that with some of our competitors. If you would like us to price out a job for you, complete the questionnaire today.

What is my involvement in the design process?

We thoroughly discuss the project at hand with you from the beginning. We encourage you to show any samples, color combinations/swatches, and ideas you may have. During the design process, you are asked to approve certain milestones before work continues. At the conclusion of a project, you may request the artwork (logo/brochures/stationary) in various formats.

How do I check on the progress during the design process?

You as our client is kept abreast of the progress through our approval process. We present the project to you at certain stages, or milestones, and wait for approval before we continue work. We find that this process keeps you involved and prevents any breakdowns in communication. In between these milestones, you are free to call in or email to get an update.

Who owns the copyright work herGRAPHIKS has done for me?

Copyright is yours upon receipt of final payment and we document that in our design agreement. We do, however, reserve the right to use any work for our portfolio and promotional purposes.

How does your logo design process work?

herGRAPHIKS first discusses your needs by referring you to fill out our logo questionnaire. Within the questionnaire it will ask questions pertaining to the target market, whether you prefer typography or image based logo, as well as the uses for the logo. We then ask for samples of existing logos that you like or dislike to get an idea of their taste. Sometimes you may already have a design concept in mind. Other times, you mayhave no idea what you want. Either way, our designers make sure they’ve collected enough information before they begin work. Our logo design service is very flexible.

How does your web design process work?

Very much like the logo design precess, we first discusses your needs by referring you to fill out our web design questionnaire. Within the questionnaire it will ask questions pertaining to the look, scheme, and complexity of the site. We then ask for samples of existing websites that you may like or dislike. You may already has a design concept in mind or you may not. Either way, we make sure that we've collected enough information to move forward. If we need to ask further questions, we will call you for further insight. Once all information is received, a design layout is made and presented to you for approval. After which, we will move forward in placing the information into their respective places. If we have to produce content for you, there will be an extra fee to do so. To prevent that, we ask for all information to be sent to us upon the start of the designing process. After information is placed, the final review is needed, including any final changes, and the site is transferred to you, the client. We do NOT pay for hosting or the domain name unless stated in your package. If you require for us to host and pay for the domain names, there is additional fees.